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Mar's Local Connection
Tuesday May 4th, 2021 with Martha Walsh
SOCAN WEEK for May 4, 2021

Welcome everyone to another SOCAN week. All Ottawa Artists this time. Hope you enjoy the selections.
Mar's Local Connection theme song.
Still Winter Hills - unreleased Canadian
In the Woods of Me
Graven - Jaybird Canadian
Watchin You Die
Trenchfoot - Objects in the Mirror are More Damaged Than They Appear Canadian
Dugas Radar - Astronomical and Nautical Twiilight Canadian New
Making Up For Lost Time
Paragon Cause - Autopilot Canadian
Wasting Our Time
Mikhail Laxton - Wasting Our Time Canadian
Good2Go - C'Mon Canadian
World's A Bitch ft. Carole Pope
Church Of Trees - Pause Canadian
Gone For The Weekend
Corduroy Moon - Gone For the Weekend Canadian
Wasted Time
RW Haller - Live at Barnstorm Canadian
Je T'Adore
BlakDenim - Usual Suspects: Season 3 Canadian
Hollands Hill
Steve Stacey & The Stumpsplitters - Tall Tales, Fibs & Outright Lies Canadian
Cone Of Silence
Evil Farm Children - Evil Farm Children II The Eviling Canadian
Interactive CKCU
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10:35 AM, May 4th, 2021
Martha Walsh
Hope you can get that coffee Giles. Cheers

3:39 PM, May 4th, 2021

3:47 PM, May 4th, 2021