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Mar's Local Connection
Tuesday April 13th, 2021 with Martha Walsh
Soaking up the sunshine and good feelings with new releases this week.

Mar's Local Connection themem Song
Still Winter Hills - unreleased Canadian
Open Ocean
Georgia Lee Johnson - January Mind Canadian New
Niall Sexton - Single Release Canadian New
The Boys Are Back At It
The Road Hammers - Single Release Canadian New
The Nolas - Single Release Canadian New
A Place Where Love Is Featuring Yolanda Sargeant and Lyrique
K-Ris - The Room Canadian New
Watchin You Die
Trenchfoot - Objects in the Mirror are More Damaged Than They Appear Canadian
Ethan Flynn - The Pumpkin Club Canadian New
Heart By Heart (Live)
Ariel Posen - Headway Canadian New
Baby Blues
Suzie Ungerleider - My Name is Suzie Ungerleider Canadian New
Have It All
Alicia Toner - Single Release Canadian New
Greatest Enemy Acoustic version
The Strumbellas - Greatest Enemy Canadian New
Nothing Left Feat. Lorraine Reid
David Bray & Friends - Land of Extremes Canadian New
This Could Have Been a Love Song
TOVI - Hard Feelings Canadian New
Misty Morning
Kandle - Set The Fire Canadian New
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