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Mar's Local Connection
Tuesday March 16th, 2021 with Martha Walsh

Mar's Local connection theme song
Still Winter Hills - unreleased Canadian
Making up for Lost Time
Paragon Cause - What We Started Canadian New
Courtney Wolfe - New Moon Canadian New
Duga Radar - Astronomical and Nautical Twiilight Canadian New
Song for a Honeycomb
Sunfields - Late Bloomer Canadian New
Kayla Diamond - Single release Canadian New
I'm Fine
Kodiac Arcade - Single Release Canadian New
What Are We Gonna Do If The Drugs Run Out?
Willy Nilly - Confused and Rejeuvenated Canadian New
Cut Loose
Zaki Ibrahim - Single Release Canadian New
Let Me Out feat Rob Preuss
Church Of Trees - Pause Canadian New
Gone For the Weekend
Corduroy Moon - Gone For the Weekend Canadian
Georgian Bay
Gentlemen of the Woods - This Great Unknown Canadian
Going to the Races
Birdie Whyte and Catrina Sturton - Live at Picarroons General Store Canadian
Dugas Radar - Astronomical and Nautical Twiilight Canadian New
Interactive CKCU
yup, I'm listening! Thanks!

10:17 AM, March 16th, 2021
Thanks for playing the new Duga Radar! Love it!

2:37 PM, March 16th, 2021