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Mar's Local Connection
Tuesday February 2nd, 2021 with Martha Walsh
New month and more new music from Local and Canadian Musicians

Mar's Local Connection theme song
Still Winter Hills - unreleased Canadian
Making Up for Lost Time
Paragon Cause - Autopilot Canadian New
DRAE - SLEEP Canadian New
John Muirhead - Single Release Canadian New
The Occasional Angels - The Bunkie Sessions Canadian New
Time to Sink
Edwin Raphael - Time to Sink Canadian New
Vibrant Colours
ZOON - Bleached Waves Canadian
Mirabelle - Late Bloomer Canadian
World's a Bitch
Church Of Trees Featuring Carole Pope - Single Release Canadian New
Julie Neff - Over It Canadian New
The House We Built
Close Kicks - The House We Built Canadian New
Wanna Feel Good
Miesha & The Spanks - Single Release Canadian New
Walk Right Back Everly Brother's Cover
Roxanne Potvin and Julie Corrigan - Live Cover Canadian New
Subtle Siren Song
HILOTRONS - Lonely Cinema Canadian New
Take on Me A-Ha
Roxanne Potvin - Live cover Canadian
Interactive CKCU
Some Great songs today . That church of trees Paragon cause a really pretty .

10:40 AM, February 2nd, 2021