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Mar's Local Connection
Tuesday November 24th, 2020 with Martha Walsh
It's SOCAN Week here at CKCUFM, and here are my choices for this SOCAN day!

Mar's Local Connection Theme song
Still Winter Hills - Unreleased Canadian
The Dog Song
Steve Stacey & The Stump Splitters - Single Release Canadian New
No One Waits for Me
Slo' Tom & The Handsome Devils - Down in a Government Town Canadian
The Shaman
Shaun Tavenier - The Shaman Canadian
There's a Dark Cloud Hanging Over Me
Pat Moore & The Vinyl Frontier - Take It to Heart Canadian
La Fenetre
Kristine Ste-Pierre & Justin Lacroix - Noel Avec Toi Canadian
Twin Flames - OMEN Canadian New
Je T'Adore
BlakDenim - Usual Suspects Season III Canadian
The Bridge
Still Winter Hills - Late Night Souls Canadian
The River
Valois - We're All In This Together But You
Mother Roots
Silla and Rise - Galactica Gala Canadian
Clean Slate
Lynne Hanson - Live Canadian
Dirty June
Trenchfoot - Objects in the Mirror are more Damaged than they Appear Canadian New
Interactive CKCU
lookin' great!

9:02 AM, November 24th, 2020