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Mar's Local Connection
Tuesday September 29th, 2020 with Martha Walsh
It's SOCAN DAY!!!!!! All CanCon, new releases, some R&B, some Folk, some country, some Blues and some more.

Mar's Local Connection theme
Still Winter Hills - Unreleased Canadian
Bird Dog
Elliott Brood - Keeper Canadian New
Mikhail Laxton - Cheater Canadian New
You Don't Get Me Stoned
Brittany Kennell - Single Release Canadian New
White Lightning
Mary Garnett Edwards - White Lightning Canadian New
Diggin' Down Deep
Al Wood and The Woodsmen - Live Performance Canadian
Self-Talk Session
IZABELLE - Version 2.0 Deluxe Canadian New
Area Resident - Jardinova Canadian New
Heart Worth Taking Feat Kaya
Ty Richard - In Time and Grace Canadian New
I Love It Ft. Just Chase
Classified - Time Canadian New
Rich Aucoin - United States Canadian New
Sea in Me
Kele Fleming - The Song I'll Write For My Whole Life Canadian New
Good News
Classified - Live & Stripped Down Canadian
Interactive CKCU
some 'All Good'! thanks..stay safe!

10:09 AM, September 29th, 2020