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Mar's Local Connection
Tuesday June 21st, 2011 with Martha Walsh
Local baby local

REady to start
Arcade Fire - The suburbs Canadian
Pump It up
Elvis Costello - U tube
Knuckle Duster
Evil Farm Children - Knuckle Duster Canadian
Good to Go - C'mon Canadian
I can't say
The peptides - I'm a spy Canadian
Kelly Prescott - Jonesin Canadian New
Small time evil
Monkey Junk - Tiger in your tank Canadian
Old Enough
Marc Charron - online Canadian
Tell Me
Jill Barber - oooo Canadian
White Widow
Plush Garden - The Weeds Canadian
Write it all down for you
Elliott Brood - ppp Canadian
Voices From the sky
The Gerry Alvarez Odyssey - Omega Tea Time Canadian New