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Mar's Local Connection
Tuesday February 25th, 2020 with Martha Walsh

Mar's Local Connection themem Song
Still Winter Hills - unreleased - independent Canadian
Like a Boss
Renee Landry - Like a Boss Canadian
If I were Your Woman
Kelly Lee Evans - I Remember When Canadian
Danielle Allard - Live Canadian
(Enter )Jazz Thief(Exit) You
Al Wood and the Woddsmen - Mood Swingin' Blues Canadian
True Blue Moon
Lynn Hanson - Just Words Canadian New
For The Baltimores
Patrick Shanks - Down to a Dull Roar Canadian
Keep Me On Your Radar
Chris Page - updated single release from A Date with A Smoke Machine Canadian New
Sea Diver
Jon Hynes - Watchful Creatures Canadian
Special Spells
Elizabeth McDermot - Special Spells Canadian
New Math
Krista Muirs - New Math Canadian New
Catriona Sturton Finders
Greville Tapes Music Club Feat.Catriona Sturton - Greville Tapes, Vol. 1 Canadian
Red Fox - Red Fox Canadian
Graven - Years Canadian New
Legend of You
GRaven - YEars
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