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Mar's Local Connection
Tuesday January 14th, 2020 with Pat Moore

Lindsay Ferguson - Live in Bern Canadian
Old Crow
Chris MacLean - Procrastination Canadian
Damn the Night
Nellie Holmes - Dancing in the Kitchen Canadian
Danielle Allard - Passing Notes Canadian
Let it Come
Megan Jerome - Ooh Aah Canadian
Dreaming on a Breezy Night
Beautiful Nubia and the RRB - Soundbender Canadian
Both Sides Now
Eniid - A celebration of Joni Mitchell Canadian
Good Time
Jenna Glatt - Jenna Glatt Canadian
I Remember When
Kellylee Evans - Kellylee Evans Canadian
Hillcrest Mine
Lost for Words - Lost For Words Canadian
Wildwood Flower
Aiken and Beggs - Countless Hours By You I've Spent Canadian
Going to California
Eniid - A celebration of Joni Mitchell Canadian
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