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Mar's Local Connection
Tuesday May 24th, 2011 with Martha Walsh
Extended version interview with Elvyn

Little Soldiers
Red light Saints - District Canadian
About the weather
Micarza camaro - Sink Float Swim Canadian
Life's been good to me
Don Amero - The Long Way home Canadian
Bad side of town
Mother's Children - That's Who Canadian
Lie to me
Dirty Little Secret - Live Canadian
Nothing to Lose
Ken Workman - Upcoming Album Canadian New
Lose it
Austra - Feel it break Canadian New
Street Meats - Street Meat Canadian
Sounds of space
The city above - Mongrel Comets Canadian
Snailhouse - Snailhouse Canadian New
Sentimental gentleman
Snailhouse - Snailhouse Canadian New
To turn green again
Withering Pines - into corners Canadian
If I only had a car
Golden Smog - Weird Tales
Death of a Decade
Ha Ha Tonka - Death of a Decade New
don't miss don't need
o'mally - speck Canadian
Money on a ring
Huntley Slim and the Suburban cowboys - Make work project Canadian New
Those were the days
Elvyn - The Decliine Canadian
Which Side
The Flats - Between the beams Canadian
I Guess I Was Wrong
Elvyn - The Decline Canadian
Dying on the vine
The Jayhawks - Sound of Lies
No Fly List - Blaze ON Canadian New
Worse things happen at sea
Reverb Syndicate - Mondo Cacti Canadian New