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Mar's Local Connection
Tuesday July 9th, 2019 with Martha Walsh
Local Music this week around the town of Ottawa

Bar Robo 692 Somerset Street West Thursday July 11 Steve Stacey and the Stumpsplitters and The Hellraisers Overflow Brewing Company
Mar's Local connection Theme Song
Still Winter Hills - Unreleased Canadian
Take Me Away
Andréane Lemay - Take Me Away Canadian
Emily Rockarts - Inventor Canadian
Steve Stacey and the Stump Splitters - Tall Tales, Fibs, and Outright Lies Canadian
Woodman Road
Gillian Nicola - Dried Flowers Canadian New
Hooka Train
Al Wood and The Woodsmen - Hooka Train Canadian
RedFox - RedFox Canadian
Promenade En Air
Andréane Lemay - Take Me Away Canadian
Mirrored Palace
OceanSun - OceanSunDemo Canadian
Summer Days
Chris Zimmerman and the Weather - The Rain Canadian
Airport Blues
The Hellraisers - Single Release Canadian New
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