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Mar's Local Connection
Tuesday March 5th, 2019 with DesTrois
filling in for Mar...

Eat The Crust
Chris White - Music All Around Canadian
Many Young Men Consider Themselves Cowboys
Black Boot Trio - Pony Ride Canadian
First Harvest
Ian Tamblyn - Let It Go Canadian New
Silver Lining
John Carroll - Everybody Smokes In Hell Canadian
Scary Bear Soundtrack - BOOMERANG KIDS Canadian New
Takin' Em Back
Rita Carter - All Of Me Canadian
Wheel Of Fortune
Catriona Sturton - Bumble Bee Canadian
The Leaver
Tara Holloway - Sins To Confess Canadian
Mountain Climber
Jack Pine and the Fire - S/T Canadian
The Wiper
The Flaps - Again Canadian
See The Man (Part 2)
The Jerry Gross Organization - Just Pull It Down Canadian
Interactive CKCU

10:51 AM, March 5th, 2019
get yer belly roll on

10:55 AM, March 5th, 2019