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Mar's Local Connection
Tuesday March 15th, 2011 with Patricia Lever

Hibou - -------
Let's Go Into The Unknown
Lauren Mann - ------
Shannon Rose and The Thorns - --------
When Your Gods Are Dead
Claude Munson - -------
The John Henrys - White Linen
Jehan Khoorshed - Reconcile (live)
It's Quite Normal
Ashley Newell and Friends - A Walk In The Park Canadian
Funky Number Live
Ashley Newell & Friends - A Walk In the Park
Good2Go - Bar B Que
Take My Shit (I'm leaving Town)
Ol' Savannah - --------
Wanna Play Music
Jack Pelletier and the Battle of Ontario - Friends and Lovers Canadian New
Late Bloomer
George Turcotte - Tiller In a Rock Garden Canadian New