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Mar's Local Connection
Tuesday March 29th, 2011 with Martha Walsh

REady to Satrt
Arcade Fire - The Suburbs Canadian
Get yourself together
Rostov Metro - Big money shot Canadian
Made for Rain
Good Lovelies - Let the rain fall Canadian
Walk into the Sea
Slow Down Molasses - You tube Canadian
Lowest of the Low - Sordid Fiction Canadian
Enjoy the Silence
The Brains - you tube Canadian
Straight and Narrrow
Evil FArm Children - Knickle Duster Canadian
Dig your won Grave
Grave Mistakes - Dig your own Grave Canadian
Headless Horseman
Eamon McGrath - Peace Maker Canadian
To turn green again
The Withering Pines - My Space Canadian
Wall of sound
Naturally 7 - my space
Real Politik
The Wilderness - The Wilderness Canadian
On Top of your love
Royal Wood - Waiting Canadian
Ubiquitous Gazer
The Flats - Between the Beams Canadian