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Mar's Local Connection
Tuesday August 15th, 2017 with Martha Walsh
Arboretum Music Festival - August 18-20, Rideau Pines Farm Barnstorm Music Festival - August 26th, Finch, Ontario

Mars Local Connection theme song
Still Winter Hills - unreleased - independent Canadian
Gianna Lauren - Moving Parts - Independent Canadian
blue Xmas
boyhood - blue xmas single release - Independent Canadian
Claude Munson & The Storm Outside - self titled - MAPL Canadian
Future States - Golden Brown Canadian
Cloud of Smoke
Isaac Vallentin - Hedera Canadian
I'm Not Gonna Wait
Tribe Royale - Colours of the Sun Canadian
Everybody's Got A Broken Heart
Slo'Tom & The Handsome Devils - I'm Sick Canadian
As You Like It
Arms of The Girl - Paper| Copper |Steel Canadian
Tick Love
Good2Go - Accessorize Canadian
Irene's Meadow
The Band Whose Name is a Symbol - Elevator Canadian
Bitch please
Leslie Rohoncy Band - Qualia Canadian
Serpent Queen
Tribe Royale - Coloours of the Sun Canadian
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