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Mar's Local Connection
Tuesday July 4th, 2017 with Martha Walsh
Bluesfest Local Band highlights 2017 part 1

Mar's Local Connection Theme
Still Winter Hills - unreleased Canadian
Heart Attack
Wild Rivers - Wild Rivers Canadian
Sunshine in her eyes
Tribe Royal - Samadhi Canadian
Promise of Love
Shawn Travernier - Single release Canadian
Midnight Lover
Blast From the Sun - Live Canadian
Blve - Acoustic Garbage Canadian New
Foreign Life 1
Pony Girl - Foreign Life Canadian
You're Gonna Wish I stayed
Taylor Angus Duo - Single Release Canadian New
Woe is Me
Old Whiskey Road - Under the Neon Lights Canadian
Home Live version
Jillian Kerr - Downtown Canadian
Cherie - Live at The British Cafe Canadian
Grace Lachance - Single Release Canadian New
Plane Song
Twin Flames - Live at La Cabaret Basoche Canadian
Don't Wanna Say
The Tackies - Beach Party Canadian
This too shall pass
Lynne Hanson - River of Sand
Interactive CKCU
Sandra Charron Carleton
Heart Attack is fabulous.

9:55 PM, July 4th, 2017