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Mar's Local Connection
Tuesday June 20th, 2017 with Chris White
Martha Walsh phones in with a report from Quilt Canada 2017!

Good Morning, Stranger
Harry Manx - Dog My Cat Canadian
When You Wish Upon a Star
Missy Burgess - Pour Me a Song Canadian
Sarah's Song
Stephen Fearing - Blue Line Canadian
Valley Forge
Kaia Kater - Sorrow Bound Canadian
100 Ways to Hide Your Stash
Cathy Miller - One Stitch at a Time Canadian
Oh My My
The O'Pears - Like Those Nights Canadian
The Way I Feel
Frida's Brow - Frida's Brow Canadian
Levi Blues
Dala - Everyone Is Someone Canadian
The Alphabet
Anthony toner - Ink Canadian New
Interactive CKCU