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Mar's Local Connection
Tuesday April 25th, 2017 with Martha Walsh
it's SOCAN Day!

Mar's Local Connection Theme Song
Still Winter Hills - unreleased Canadian
Think of Me
Jessica Pearson and The East Wind - EPK Canadian New
Bury my Bones
Amos the TRansparent - This Cold Escape Canadian
Silver Lake
Erin O'Dowd - Oklahoma Room at Folk Alliance 2017 Canadian
Andrew Vincent and the Pirates - I love the Modern Way Canadian
The Kings Horses
RW Haller - Wasted Time Canadian
Hot Snake Handlers - The Ongoing Adventures of the Hot Snake Handlers Canadian
Dead or Alive
Doghouse Rose - Bourbon and Gasoline Canadian
Just can't stay
The Jimmy Tri-tone Band - The Long, Lonesome Higway Canadian
Swallow me up
Lynne Hanson - Uneven Ground Canadian New
Ken Yates - Huntsville Canadian
Bluebonnets for my baby
Whitney Rose - South Texas Suite Canadian
Comeover and Jam
Luther Wright and the Wrongs - Hearts and Lonely Hunters Canadian
Blue June
Wild Rivers - Wild Rivers Canadian
Ste. QueQuepart
Moonfruits - Ste. Quequepart Canadian New
Interactive CKCU