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Mar's Local Connection
Tuesday December 6th, 2016 with Martha Walsh and Chris White
Ochfest Saturday December 8, at Southminster United Church Ottawa

Mars Local Connection theme song
Still Winter Hills - unreleased Canadian
As Far As you can Run
Amos the Transparent - Good night my dear,I 'm falling apart Canadian
One True Love
Tony Turner - Love and Other Attractions Canadian
Circle of Friends
Tony Turner - A Matter of Time Canadian
Interactive CKCU
Tony T
Great talking with you both! Martha and Chris you are doing great work for our community.

10:40 AM, December 6th, 2016
Shelley Ann Morris
Catching up on the show while working from home . This is great--just what we need right now--some positive music. Can't wait for Ochs Fest.

9:56 AM, December 8th, 2016