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Mar's Local Connection
Tuesday April 7th, 2015 with Martha Walsh

Mar's Local Connection theme
Still Winter Hills - unreleased - Independent Canadian
Claude Munson & The Storm Outside - Claude Munson & The Storm Outside - Independent Canadian
Bella Ciao cover
Erin Soairse Adair - LIVE Canadian New
All Boats Don't Rise
Loon Choir - Fire Poems Canadian
We are the reckoning
Peter Katz - We are the reckoning Canadian New
Arran (The Jewel in the Water)
Watt, Hooke, Schroer - Caught By The Tale - Holmesspun music Canadian
Hey Hey Hey
Lee Harvey Osmond - Beautiful Scars - Latent Canadian New
Copper and Stars
Megan Jerome Trio - This uneven space - MAPL Canadian New
This world is not your friend
Danny Brooks - This world is not your friend Canadian New
So Lonely
Cherry Suede - Between and There Canadian
The O'Train
Good2Go - Bar-B-Que Canadian
Big Old Moon
Megan Jerome - Bloomers Canadian
Smoke Lake
Kaleigh Watts - Smoke Lake