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Mar's Local Connection
Tuesday February 10th, 2015 with Adam Coombs
Adam Coombs fills in for Martha Walsh

Adam Coombs of the Tuesday Morning Special Blend fills in for Martha on Mar's Local Connection.
As far as you can run
Amos the Transparent - Goodnight my Dear, I'm Falling Apart Canadian
Keep Me on Your Radar
Chris Page - A Date Wth a Smoke Machine - Kelp Records Canadian
Medicine Man
Monomyth - Saturnalia Regalia - Mint Records Canadian
Bad Dreams
Big Dick - Disapointment - Dirt Cult Records Canadian New
Sleeping in Toronto
Jim Bryson - North Side Benches Canadian
Never Happened at All
Ray Harris - Pooly Kept Secrets Canadian
By the Glow of the Kerosene Light
The Once - Row upon Row of the People they Know - Borealis Records Canadian
Two Years Ago
Paug Lake Road - Grab Your Toque and Come with Me Canadian New
Tara Holloway - Sins to Confess - Light Organ Records Canadian
St. Petersburg
The Wilderness of Manitoba - When You Left the Fire Canadian
Little Ones
Elliott Brood - Work and Love - Paper Bag Canadian New
Park Avenue Sobriety Test
Joel Plaskett - Park Avenue Sobriety Test Canadian
Continental Shelf
Viet Cong - Viet Cong - Flemish Eye Canadian New