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Mar's Local Connection
Tuesday October 28th, 2014 with Martha Walsh
Funding Drive Show #1

Mar's Local Connection Themem song
Still Winter Hills - unreleased Canadian
Oh, Karen!
Slo' Tom and the Hansome Devils - I'm sick Canadian
Drinking Doubles and Acting single
The Kingmakers - Chicago Hi-Style Canadian
Cone of Silence
Evil FArm Children - The Evilling II Canadian
Steve STacy and the Stump SPlitters - TAll TAles Fibs and Outright Lies Canadian
Brandy Lee
RW HAller - Wasted Time Canadian
Suburban Blues
Huntley Slim and The Suburban Cowboys - Songs From This Chicken Coop Canadian
Interactive CKCU
Mike Mercer
S 10 Bucks online!:)

10:37 AM, October 28th, 2014
Mike Mercer
I heard you keep mentioning Steve & almost said Ka I call that a little slip of the tonge when tonge gets tied up when you can't remember names that you forgot to say!:)Ha!:)

10:45 AM, October 28th, 2014
Good show

1:17 PM, October 28th, 2014
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