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Mar's Local Connection
Tuesday July 15th, 2014 with Martha Walsh

Mar's Local Connection Theme
Still Winter Hills - Unreleased Canadian
On Standby
Geoff Johnson - On Standby Canadian
I'm Lucky
Long Sault Trio - Live Canadian
Scattered & Small
Amelia Curran - War Brides Canadian
Teardrop Tattoo
The Lovelocks - The Lovelocks Canadian
What Colour are You?
Danny Michel & The Benque Player - Blackbirds are dancing over me Canadian
Hallowed Halls
The Bills - Yes Please Canadian
Amanda Bon - Juniper Weekends Canadian
Peters Lament for the Death of a Duck
The Bombadils - Fill Your Boots Canadian
Blue Lullabye
The Bombadils - Fill Your Boots Canadian
The Supermoon Rag
Duane Andrews & Craig Young - Charlie's Boogie Canadian
Beautiful Nothing
Danny Michel - In The Belly of a Whale Canadian
Interactive CKCU
Scattered & Small is so beautiful. Good luck with that Amelia

8:17 AM, July 19th, 2014
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