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Mar's Local Connection
Tuesday December 17th, 2013 with Martha Walsh

Mar's LocalConnectio theme
Still Winter Hills - Unreleased Canadian
Steve Stacey & The Stump splitters - TAll tales, Fibs and Outright Lies Canadian
Viva Las Vegas (The Heist)
The Kingmakers - Chicago Hi-Style Canadian New
Lie To Me
R W Haller - Wasted Time Canadian
Goodbye to the Ghost
Saint Clare - Half Holy Canadian
Oh, Karen
Slo'Tom - I'm Sick Canadian New
Lookin'for El Dorado
Dang Guilty - Dang Guilty EP Canadian
Time Travel
The Unseen Strangers - Time Travel Canadian
Wheel of Love
Stephen Fearing - Between Hurricanes Canadian
Maybe This Christmas
Ron Sexsmith - Maybe This Christmas Canadian
Across The Road
John Allaire & The Confederation - Peace, Love & Understanding Vol 1 Canadian New
Talk To Me
Sam Cash& The Romatics - Stand Together, Fall Together Canadian New
Strongest Heart
Amanda Rheaume - Keep a Fire Canadian New
Peace Love & Understanding
John Allaire & The Confederation - Peace Love & Understanding Canadian New
Interactive CKCU
Little Miss Scatterbrain
Hi Martha, thank you so much for letting the M2MW team take over for the past two weeks. We had a blast! I might have left a couple of stray CDs around the studio and in the CD player--could you please put them in our W2MW mailbox for me? Thanks again. Talk soon.

10:49 AM, December 17th, 2013
Lorraine Pigeon
Can't wait to hear the show. Thanks in advance for the Stephen Fearing song. Much appreciated my friend!

11:12 AM, December 19th, 2013
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