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Mar's Local Connection
Tuesday June 11th, 2013 with Martha Walsh

Mar's Local Connection Theme song
Still Winter Hills - Unreleased - Independent Canadian
That's Why
Morgan Davis - Blues Medicine - Elecro-Fi Records Canadian
Lie To Me
R.W. Haller - Wasted Time - Independent Canadian New
Gin and Tonic
Ninety Pounds of Ugly - Never Going Back - Independent Canadian
Chris Rayburn - Chris Rayburn - Independent Canadian
Kentucky Bourbon
Steve Stacey and The Stumpsplitters - Tall Tales. fibs, and outright lies - Independent Canadian
Grease Fire
Big Jesus Truck - Mechanicsville - Independent Canadian
Liquor's my lover
Slo Tom and The Horseshit - Liquor's my Lover - Independent Canadian
Coming Home Again
Mike Plume Band - Red and White Blues - Independent Canadian
Left Behind
Graydon James & The Young Novelists - In the year you were born - Independent Canadian
That Day
In Flight Safety - Vacation Land - MAPL Canadian
Wintersleep - Hello hum - MAPL Canadian
Can't Keep Your Mind Off
Data Romance - Other Canadian
Sunparlour Players - Us Little Devils Canadian
Awkward People
Faraway Neighbours - Carry On, Man Canadian