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Mar's Local Connection
Tuesday February 26th, 2013 with Martha Walsh

Safe Haven
Royal Wood - A Good Enough Day Canadian
Cairo Blues
Leiff Vollbekk - Black XS Live Canadian
The Mighty Popo - Gakundo Canadian
Haunted Woman
Ladies of the Canyon - Haunted Woman Canadian
Wrecking Ball Daughter
Keturah Johnson - Solid State of Bliss Canadian
Shallow Roots
The Woodrunners - The Woodrunners Canadian
Marie Celeste
The Dead Bees - The Dead Bees Canadian
Bus Stop
Glorious MoonRockets - Glorious MoonRockets Canadian
Dirty Water
Erin Saoirse Adair - Flying Solo Canadian
Good2Go - C'mon Canadian
Will we ever learn
Royal Wood - We Were Born to Glory Canadian