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Rendez-vous Haïtien
Sunday April 4th, 2021 with Jafrikayiti & Roger Adam
Anbasad Ayiti nan Ottawa ki sa ki te pase 29 mas 2021?

Animatè yo pa wè koze a menm jan. Vin koute analiz yo sou aksyon AKASAN (Ayisyen Ki Ap Soutni Ayisyen Nètalkole) poze nan Anbasad Ayiti nan vil Ottawa, jou 29 mas 2021 an.
Rara Soley - Nou la Canadian
Interactive CKCU
Marie Nadine Pierre
RastafarI love. I want to thank you Jafrikayiti and all of the others who participated in this protest against the puppet regime, n Ayiti. That Ambassador is an illegal worker who should not have taken the job. I wish that we could have taken over the Haitian Embassy in the U.S. , France and other places too. Ayiti is our heritage that was gifted by our ancestors who fought for centuries to free themselves and their kinfolks from the shackles of slavery and colonialism. This event demonstrated that we must continue to train in the same revolutionary methods that were used to win Ayiti's independence in #1804! #1804 # Ayiti #libeteoulanmo #lanmoukiaji

12:38 AM, April 4th, 2021