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Indigenous CKCU
Sunday July 15th, 2012 with Shirley Gagnon
Aboriginal Blues

Aboriginal Blues by Aboriginal singer/songwriters from Canada and the U.S.A. telling the stories of Aboriginal experiences from the past and today.
Heart Beat
Aaron White - Indian Rezervation Blues and More Canadian
Long Time Blues
Willie Dunn - Son of the Sun Canadian
Bushman Blues
Art Napoleon - Miyoskamin Canadian
Bar Blues
Jason Burnstick - Where the Blood Mixes Soundtrack Canadian
Barbwire Blues
Andy Mason - Long Walk 49 Canadian
Dance Hall Blues
Digging Roots - Seeds Canadian
dont txt me, baby
Curt Young - Edge of Shadow Canadian
Sliding Clyde Roulette - Indian Rezervation Blues and More Canadian
Kokopelli Blues
Keith Secola - Indian Rezervation Blues and More
Corn Cob Soup
Derek Miller - Music is the Medicine Canadian
What You Gonna Do?
Gary Farmer - AMW 2012 Festival Sampler Canadian
Indian Blues
George Leach - Just Where I'm At Canadian
Experience, Strength & Hope
Billy Joe Green - String Twister Hits and Misses Canadian
Rez Bluez
Murray Porter - Songs Lived & Life Played Canadian