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Indigenous CKCU
Sunday April 29th, 2012 with Michele Bourque

Wake Up and Rise
Digging Roots - Seeds Canadian
80 Year Old Mooshim
Digging Roots - Seeds Canadian
Mama is a revolutionary
Digging Roots - Seeds Canadian
Leanne Goose - Anywhere Canadian
Out of my mind
Leeanne Goose - Anywhere Canadian
NDN Cars
Keith Secola - Youtube
Young Enough
George Leach - Young Enough Canadian
Just Where I'm At
George LEach - YOung Enough Canadian
Indian Blues
George Leacgh - Young Enough Canadian
ON My Way
Ronnie Doug.las Blues Band - Big Brother Canadian
Whitedog Woman Blues
Billy JOe Greene - The Best of Canadian
Muskrat Blues
Billy JOe Green - The Best of Canadian
Hwy 44
Ronnie Band - Big Brother Canadian