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Indigenous CKCU
Sunday December 24th, 2023 with Lester Bear
Indigenous Christmas Huron Carole

One of the great memories I have of my mother was taking her to see Tom Jackson’s Hurone Carole, which, for a while would come through town every year to raise money for the Food banks. So in honour of that we are playing Christmas songs sung by Indigenous artists, in some cases in their traditional language. Grab yourselves a teas or a coffee, I am drinking Cree Tea, from the Labrador tea company made in the Eeyou Itschee. I hope you enjoy the show, we will continue listening to the soothing sounds of Douglas Bluefeather and then we will give the opening word to Tom Jackson.
Deck The Halls
Douglas Blue Feather - Kokopelli Chistmas - Independent
The Huron Carole
Tom Jackson - Twas In The Moon of Wintertime - Tomali Music Canadian
Beatrice Deer - Shifting - Independent Canadian
Jingle Bell Rock
Ernest Monias - Christmas with Ernest Monias - Indigenous Cloud Canadian
Rudolph The Red-Nose Reindeer
Falynn Baptiste - A Cree Christmas - Independent Canadian
Magic of Christmas
Twin Flames - Twin Flames Christmas - Independent Canadian
Christmas Letter fo My Friends
Celeigh Cardinal - Christmas Letter fo My Friends - Independent Canadian
Silent Night
Shawnee Kish - Silent Night - Amelia Recordings Canadian New
Christmas Time
Don Amero - Amero Little Christmas - MDM Recordings Canadian
Come Back This Christmas
Crystal Shwanda - Come Back This Christmas - Newsun/Cadillac Records Canadian
Silent Night in Cree
Rhonda Head - Christmas Time Is Coming Vol. 1 - Independent Canadian
Tshishe Manitu
Florent Vollant - Nipaiamianan - Instinct Musique Canadian
Unnuaq Upinnaq
Beatrice Deer - An Arctic Christmas - Independent Canadian
Do You See What I See
Joh Two-Hawks - Heaven and Nature Sing - Circle Studios Records
Christmas Wishes
Tom Jackson - Twas In The Moon of Wintertime - Independent Canadian
Native Drummer Boy
Robert Tree Cody - Native American Flute for CHristmas - Independent
12 Days of Christmas
Warscout - Red Christmas - A Round Dance.... - Canyon Records
Interactive CKCU

8:59 AM, December 24th, 2023
Lester B
Seasins Greetings and thanks Mr. HB

9:37 AM, December 24th, 2023