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Indigenous CKCU
Sunday November 26th, 2023 with Lester Bear
Indigenous CKCU

Today we are playing some Electronic, Hip Hop, Dub Step, Dance influenced music with some New Releases from City Natives, Wolf Castle, Drezus, DJ Shub, Snotty Nose Rez Kids and much more!!!!
The Most Unprotected Girl
JB the First Lady - Righteous Empowered Daughter - Independent Canadian
Sekawnee - Nations - Independent Canadian
96 Bulls
Snotty Nose Rez Kids - 96 Bulls - Savage Mob Records Canadian New
Out of Reach
Mattmac, Drezus - Out of Reach - Independent Canadian New
Half Breed (Re-mix)
DJ Shub - Half Breed (Re-mix) - Shub Music Canadian New
I Hope You Know
Supaman - Medicine Bundle - Independent
Just Landed
Drezus, Dakota Bear - Just Landed - Land Back Records Canadian New
Behold A Pale Horse
Stoik, Jah'kota, Drezus - Behold A Pale Horse - Independent Canadian
I Won't Stop
Wolf Castle - I Won't Stop - Forward Music Canadian New
Land Rights
The Resilience - Land Rights - Independent Canadian
Bled My Blood
Leonard Sumer - Rez Poetry - Independent Canadian
Monsters vs Savages
City Natives - Still Chief'n - Independent Canadian New
War Cry
Artson - War Cry - Independent
Ain't Nobody Gonna Tackle Ol' Jim
Tall Paul - Story of Jim Thorpe - Independent
Light Up The World
Lightningcloud - Lightningcloud - Independent Canadian
For Women By Women
Eeekwol, T-Rhyme - For Women By Women - Independent Canadian
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