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Indigenous CKCU
Sunday November 27th, 2022 with Lester Bear
Bear Crossing

Today we will be featuring new releases by William Prince, Shibastik, Kanen, The Trade-Offs and much more..!!
Matiu - Tipatshimushtunan - 117 Records Canadian
F**k That S**t
Kanen - F**k That S**t - Musique Nomade Canadian New
Call Them Out
Shibastik - The Braid Remains - Independent Canadian New
2 The Stars
David Srickland, Artson - Spirit of Hip Hop Elements - MNRK Music Group
Beatrice Deer - Mother - Musique Nomade Canadian New
River of Tears
William Prince, Serena Ryder - River of Tears - ArtHaus Music Canadian New
Nika uitenan
Uauitetau, Florent Vollant - Nika uitenan - GSI Musique Canadian New
Ghost on a Rope
Ghostkeeper - Multidimensional Culture - Victory Pool Records Canadian
Put Em Down
The Trade-Offs - Let Go. Give In. Fall Down - Aakuluc Music Canadian New
Nitehi aimihewin
Mikon Nniquay Ottawa - Nitehi aimihewin - Musique Nomade Canadian
Mussorgsky's House
Chris Derksen - The Collapse - Independent Canadian
Regis Niquay - Kosak - Independent Canadian
Eka Patshitenimu
Dan-Georges Mckenzie - Uitamui - Musique Nomade Canadian
Niki Pawatin
Moe Clark, Oktoecho - Transcestral - Independent Canadian
Petapan - Tshi nashkumitinan - Independent Canadian
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