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Indigenous CKCU
Sunday August 21st, 2022 with Mathieu Courchene and Wayne Restoule
The weaselhead Hour

Mashkiki Sunset
Status/Non-Status - Mashkiki Sunset - Single Canadian
Indigo (feat. Elise Boulanger)
Keanu Ienco - Celestial Desire Canadian
Open Doors
Jace Martin - Open Doors - Single Canadian
We Were Here
Aysanabee - We Were Here - Single Canadian
Ruby Waters - Harder - Single Canadian
Ghostkeeper - Multidimensional Culture Canadian
I Can't Wait
Miesha and the Spanks - I Can't Wait - Single Canadian
your invitation
weaselhead - distress signals on random frequencies - weaselhead music Canadian
Riverside (Radio Edit)
Little Nails - Riverside (Radio Edit) - Single Canadian
I Don't Care
Tim Ruperthouse - 215 - Matcitim - Single Canadian
weaselhead - refugees of romance - weaselhead music Canadian
Interactive CKCU