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Indigenous CKCU
Sunday June 12th, 2022 with Lester Bear
Bear Crossing

Today's show includes new releases by Digawolf, Double Rider, Fara Palmer, along with music by Bill Miller, Buddy Red Bow, Susan Aglukark and much more....
Seigia Dahte
Digawolf - Seigia Dahte - Independent Canadian New
Double Rider - Double Rider - Atahpiim Canadian New
Gho-Bah Goombaa: First Light of Dawn
Paul Andrew, Lawrenc Nayally - Handgame Medley - Independent Canadian
Cry Cry Cry
Fara Palmer - Cry Cry Cry - Independent Canadian New
Red Blaze - Conemporary Native American Music - Turtle Island Music Canadian
Stone Tree
Bill Miller - Stone Tree - MV2 Productions
Ghost Dance
AIRO - Tatanka - Buffalo Moon Records
Silent Warrior
XIT - Anthem of the American Indian - Spalax Music
Indian Reservation
Buddy Red Bow - Buddy Red Bow - SoundWorks International
Diamond Sun
Glass Tiger, David Maracle, Susan Aglukark - 31 - Halo Entertainment Canadian
Kokopelli blues
Keith Secola - Native Americana - A Coup Stick - Independent
Silent Moments
Brian Davey - Whispers of the Heart - Independent Canadian
Cry Wolf
Digawolf - High Arctic - Independent Canadian
Interactive CKCU