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Indigenous CKCU
Sunday May 22nd, 2022 with Lester Bear
Indigenous CKCU

Holiday Weekend - Today's show features the sweet sounds of Piqsiq, Art Napoleon, Digging Roots, Aysanabee, Burnstick and much more!!
DJ Shub (Fawn Wood) - War Club - Shub Music Canadian
A Trickster's Ballad
Joey Stylez - A Trickter's Ballad (Single) - Blessed Street Canadian New
T-Rhyme - Trap'd (Single) - Independent Canadian
Art Napolean - Avalene (Single) - Independent Canadian
Ahiani: Elsewhere
Piqsiq - Altering the Timeline - Coax Records Canadian
Just Us
Leonard Sumner - Just Us (Single) - Independent Canadian
Dancing With Sue
Wyatt C. Louis - Dancing With Sue (Single) - Slow Weather Music Canadian
Morgan Toney - First Flight - Ishkode Records Canadian
Aysanabee - Howling (Single) - Ishkode Records Canadian
Digging Roots - Sweetwater (Single) - Ishkode Records Canadian
Don't You Worry 'Bout M
Old Soul Rebel - Don't You Worry 'Bout Me - Independent Canadian
One More Name
Shane Ghostkeeper - One More Name (Single) - Muskego Records Canadian
Nehiyawak - Starlight (Single) - Arts & Crafts Productions Canadian
Find A Home
Status/Non Status - Find A Home (Single) - Independent Canadian
Pay No Mind
Burnstick - Kiyanaw - Independent Canadian
Boogey The Beat - Buffalo (Single) - Independent
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