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Indigenous CKCU
Sunday May 9th, 2021 with Lester Bear
Legend of the Laughing Woman - Mother's Day Show

Happy Mother's Day!!
Steve Rushingwind - Rushingwind, Keeper of Secrets: Native Flute - Independent
Win Or Lose
Kinnie Starr - Win or Lose (Single) - Boomsmack Records Canadian New
Clegg Street
Mary Bryton - Clegg Street (Single) - Independent Canadian
Emma Stevens - Blackbird (Single) - Independent Canadian
Love Song
Kalan Wi, JB the First Lady - Celebrate - Independent Canadian
Mother Earth
Sharon Burch - Yazzie Girl - Canyon Records
Legend of Laughing Woman (Story)
Red Feather Woman - Keeper of Dreams - Independent
Joey Stylez - 3 Eye Hip - Independent Canadian New
Life Without Fantasies
Neon Dreams - Life Without Fantasies (Single) - Independent Canadian New
Joey Stylez, Carsen Gray - Blessed Ones - Independent Canadian New
Aysanabee - Howling (Single) - Independent Canadian New
Ride Choctaw Girl Ride
Qua Ti Si - Through Indian Eyes - Independent
Crying Rain (feat. Brittany Dawn)
Injunuity - Spirits - Independent
Mahk Jchi in Cree
Pura Fe - Women's Voices for Attawapiskat - Independent Canadian
Songs for my uncles Reggie and John Mark who we lost recently - Rest In Peace
Traveling Song
A. Paul Ortega - Two Worlds Three Worlds - Independent
I Wish You Peace
Lawrence Laughing - Now Our Minds Are One - Independent
Interactive CKCU
Very good!

10:45 AM, June 4th, 2021
Love it!! Wishe'd I heard this sooner!

10:28 PM, June 8th, 2021