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Indigenous CKCU
Sunday October 27th, 2019 with Brittany Mathews
Michif Hour

Halfbreed Blues
Andrea Menard - The Velvet Devil Canadian
Trickster Coyote
Blue Moon Marquee - Gypsy Blues Canadian
The Devil is a Blue-Eyed Man
Celeigh Cardinal - Stories from a Downtown Apartment Canadian
nêhiyawak - nipiy Canadian
Come with Me
Sebastian Gaskin - Come with Me Canadian
The Wrong Reasons
Sebastian Gaskin - The Wrong Reasons Canadian
Stockin Wood
Bebe Buckskin - Stockin Wood Canadian
Bebe Buckskin - Flight Canadian
Just Us
Leonard Sumner - Just Us Canadian
Indian Horse
Leonard Sumner - Indian Horse Canadian
Favourite Colour
Nick Sherman - Knives & Wildrice Canadian
Things We Should Know
Nick Sherman - Knives & Wildrice Canadian
Nickels & Dimes
Grey Gritt - Nickels & Dimes Canadian
Interactive CKCU
Lester B
Good tunes Brittany - Leonard Sumner is one of the great new Indigenous voices in Canada.

9:44 AM, October 27th, 2019