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Indigenous CKCU
Sunday June 16th, 2019 with Lester Bear & Lawrence Dunn
Sisters In Spirit

To honour the words in the recommendations on the Missing Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls final report, we devote this hour to Indigenous Women and their music. Our axis and allies featured song is from Joni Mitchel singing about a young Cree girl who was her best friend growing up in Saskatoon.
K'eintah Natse Ju
Leela Gilday - Nortth Star Calling - Diva Sound Records Canadian New
The Red Road
Arigon Starr - The Red Road (Soundtrack) - Wacky Productions
Call Of The Moose
Elisapie - The Ballad Of The Runaway Girl - Bonsound Canadian
Tara Williamson - Enfolding (Single) - Independent Canadian New
A Girl In Trouble (Is A Temporary Thing)
Romeo Void - Warm In Your Coat - Sony Music
Don't Worry Baby
Ronnie Spector - She Talks To Rainbows - Greenspec Properties
The Most Unprotected Girl
JB the First Lady - Righteous Empowered Daughter - Independent Canadian
Awaken Graduation Song
Rhonda Head - Awaken Graduation Song (Single) - Independent Canadian New
Tapwe Oma
Fawn Wood - Iskwewwak - Songs of Indigenous Womanhood Canadian
Cherokee Louise
Joni Mitchell - Night Ride Home - Crazy Crow Music Canadian
Simple Truth
Shelley Morningsong - Simple Truth - Independent Canadian
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