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Indigenous CKCU
Sunday May 19th, 2019 with Lawrence Dunn
Long Weekend Edition

Los Sin Dios
Nisto Mclean - single - self release 2018 Canadian
Everything's the Same
Evan James Redsky - Out of Tune - self release 2018 Canadian
Beatrice Deer (ft Johnny Griffin) - Fox - Beatrice Deer music 2016 Canadian
The check is in the Mail
Wiiliam C Wikcemna Yamni ake Wanzi - single - self release 2018 Canadian
Open Window
Nehiyewak - Starlight - Arts and Crafts 2018 Canadian
Tiny Hands (reimagined)
Quantum Tangle - Shelter as we go (2017) - Coax records Canadian
Little Billie
Brian Black Thunder (Brian Davey) - Spirit With a Mask - Bear Clan records 1984 Canadian
Yellowheads song
Wiilie Dunn - Son of the Sun - Trikont 2004 Canadian
From the Pulpit to the Prison
Norm Doucette - single - self release 2018 Canadian
Means to Me
HellnBack ft Frank Wain - #Fourteen91 - Hellnback music
Forked Tongue
HellnBack ft The Northwest Kid and Wake Self - #Fourteen91 - Hellnback music Canadian
The Unheard
Nataani Means - 2 Worlds - True Pride Music
Arrested Development - Zingalamaduni - Chrysalis
Interactive CKCU
Chris White
Hey Lawrence -- It's nice to hear Willie this morning!

9:33 AM, May 19th, 2019
Lawrence Dunn (host)
Thanks Chris, I appreciate your tuning in! :)

9:56 AM, May 19th, 2019