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Indigenous CKCU
Sunday February 3rd, 2019 with Steven Price & Matt Courchene
We will wake you, get you movin and set you on your way!!!

Weaselhead - Refugees of Romance Canadian
Vanishing breed
Robbie Robertson - Music for the Native Americans
I wonder
Rodriguez - Cold Fact
Pamyua - Spirit Magazine Roots and Rights 2 Canadian
Aidane's Song
Mils - The And Album Canadian
Sarah Slean - Land and Sea Canadian
Maten - Akua Tuta Canadian
Aasiva - Aasiva Canadian
Fallen Angel
Robbie Robertson - Robbie Robertson Canadian
Crucify your mind
Rodriguez - Cold Fact
Love on a farmboy's wages
Etc - Mummer
Interactive CKCU
wayne restoule
Greetings from Amman, Jordan. Listened to the show. Great job guys! w

11:04 AM, February 4th, 2019