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Indigenous CKCU
Sunday September 9th, 2018 with Lester Bear
"Celebrate Life, Celebrate Love" - Today's feature life and work of the Late Great John Trudell

We will be playing some songs by some great Indigenous artists and in second half hour we will feature songs from the Late Great John Trudell. Our Axes and Allies featured song is from Kris Kristofferson - which is a song about John Trudell....
Intro: Let's Rock This Joint
Qunton Tootoosis - Round Dance Love - Independent Canadian
Nutshimit Ne Tanan
Maten - Maten - Instinct Musique Canadian
Elder (Inummarik)
Saali & The Ravenhearts - Saali - Independent Canadian New
Ahead By A Century
The Jerry Cans - Single - Aakuluk Music Canadian
Kristi Lane Sinclair - The Sea Alone - Independent Canadian
Fara Palmer - Phoenix - Independent Canadian
Shadows In The Dark
Liv Wade - Resilience - Independent Canadian
Johnny Lobo
Kris Kristofferson - A Moment Of Forever - KK Records
Grafittie Man
John Trudell - AKA Grafitti Man - Rykodisc / Rhino
Beauty In A Fade
John Trudell - AKA Grafitti Man - Rykodisc / Rhino
All Nite Cafe
John Trudell - Blue Indians - Inside Recordings
John Trudell - Through The Dust - MA Records
Bone Days
John Trudell - Bone Days - Daemon Records
Using Is Like A Habit
John Trudell & Kwest - Like Broken Butterflies - John Trudell & Kwest
Rant And Roll
John Trudell - Johnny Damas and Me - Rykodisc / Rhino
Tina Smiled
John Trudell - AKA Grafitti Man - Rykodisc / Rhino
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