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Indigenous CKCU
Sunday July 15th, 2018 with Lawrence Dunn
A great Show today with a lot of songs from the history of Indigenous narrative.

A special treat we have today will be the playing of the A side of 'Who were the ones', featuring Willie Dunn and Johnny Yesno, In the first time being aired since 1972.
We Know the Day is Coming
David Campbell - David Campbell (1966) - Transatlantic Canadian
Kashtin - Kashtin (1989) - Sony/columbia Canadian
Have no Fear
Randy Wood - Family (2017) - Canyon Canadian
On Our Road to Life
Louie Gonnie - Songs from the Ceder Hills (2016) - Canyon
Quantum Tangle - Shelter As We Go (2017) - Coax records Canadian
Lovely Irene
Lucie Idlout - Le Cargo (youtube -2008) - Le Cargo Canadian
Wolves Don't Live by the Rules
Elisapie ft Joe Green - single (2018) - Pheremone Recordings Canadian
Cripple Creek
Buffy Sainte - Marie - It's My Way (1964) - Vanguard Records Canadian
Little Feather
Peter Frank - Native North America Volume 1 (2014) - Light in the Attic Records Canadian
Little Billie
Brian Davey - Goose Wings - the music of James Bay (1981) - World Records Canadian
Stereotype Indian
Roger House - Goose Wings - the music of James Bay (1981) - World Records Canadian
Big Bear
Willie Dunn with Johnny Yesno - Who Were the Ones? E-796 (1972) - CBC Canadian
The Coming of the White Man - War Cry
XIT - Plight of the Redman (1972) - Rare Earth Records
War Cry
Northern Cree - Stay Red (2006) - Canyon Records Canadian
Interactive CKCU
Lawrence Martin
Please check out newe music artist from Mattagami First Nations in Ontario - Matt James (Neveau) -

11:31 AM, July 15th, 2018
Lawrence Dunn (host)
awesome thanks for the lead and link Lawrence M!

1:20 PM, July 15th, 2018