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Indigenous CKCU
Sunday August 22nd, 2010 with Katelin Peltier w/ Special Guest Jaime Koebel
Metis Musicians

Jigfest / Disco Jig
The Jigband - Jigfest Sscd 510 Canadian
Boy For One More Day / Sur le Champ de Bataille
Andrea Menard - Simple Steps Canadian
Sierra Noble - Possibilities Canadian
Chet Atkins
Rabbit Island Boys - Title Track Canadian
Beautiful Day
Crystal Shawanda - Beautiful Day - Single Canadian
Children of the Rainbow / Red River Jig
Andrea Menard - Simple Steps Canadian
Sandy Scofield - Riel's Road Canadian
Once Again
Pat Peltier - Turn it Up Canadian
Boil Em' Cabbage Down
Darren Lavallée - Le Metis Sscd 531 Canadian
Take My Hand
Billy Joe Green - Muskrat Blues And Rock & Roll Canadian
Glitter And Romance (Rod Poitra 1984)
Rod Poitra - Plains Chippewa/Metis Music From Turtle Mountian Canadian
Metis Medley
Lavallee Brothers - Lavallee Tradition Canadian