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Indigenous CKCU
Sunday June 26th, 2016 with Brittany Mathews & Gabrielle Fayant
Michif Hour - Stories and Resistance

On this show, Brittany & Gabrielle discuss Windmill's Zibi project and the Algonquin fight to protect the islands and the falls as well as the 200th Anniversary of the Battle of Seven Oaks aka La Victoire along with some inspiring music from artists like Moe Clark, Mob Bounce, A Tribe Called Red, Buffy Ste Marie and Amanda Rheaume. Link to StopWindmill Video made by Event Link to Rally: Link to Reserve 107 trailer: EventLink to Movie Premiere:
I Find Grace
Moe Clark - Within
I Am
Moe Clark - Within
Working For The Government
A Tribe Called Red ft. Buffy Sainte Marie - n/a
Oral Traditions
Mob Bounce - Mob Medicine
Passed Down the Line
Amanda Rheaume - n/a
Flood - Kuuq
Rise Ashen + Silla - n/a
North West Voyage
M├ętis Fiddler Quartet - n/a
Interactive CKCU