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Indigenous CKCU
Sunday March 27th, 2016 with Brittany Mathews & Gabrielle Fayant
Michif Hour - Interview w/ Mitch Case, Dedication to the Buffalo

This episode is dedicated to the paskwâw mostos/mashkode bizhiki/Buffalo. Buffaloes played a huge role in Metis economy, governance, spirituality, and overall well-being and survival. In this epsiode, we talk with Metis leader Mitch Case about his connection to the buffalo being Metis from the Sault Ste Marie area.
I Am
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White Buffalo Calf
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Intersecting Circles
Moe Clark - Circle of She Canadian
Animal Spirit Interlude Poem
Mob Bounce - Mob Medicine Canadian
Now That The Buffalo is Gone
Buffy Sainte-Marie - It's My Way Canadian
Buffalo Soldier
Bob Marley - Confrontation
Choking Out The Sun
Grey Grit - Live at NACC Canadian
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