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Sunday January 31st, 2016 with Shirley Gagnon
New singles and albums of 2015-2016 by Aboriginal singers/songwriters

New singles and albums of 2015-2016 by Aboriginal singers/songwriters.
Love Like This
Don Amero - Refined Canadian
The Beginning
Ryan Arcand - single Canadian
Little Sister
Christopher Herodier Snowboy - Shine Canadian New
Keith Secola - single Canadian New
Tell Me Everything's Alright
Trent Agecoutay - single Canadian
Nature's Lullaby
Thelma Cheechoo - Stay Canadian
Trouble on the Run
Waylon Gagnon - single Canadian New
Love Me Now
Wendy Lynn Snider - Love Me Now Canadian
Alex Jacobs - single Canadian New
Can't Break Us
Wintercount - single Canadian
We're On A Breakthrough
FranBop - single Canadian New
My Brother in Prison
Kevin Scholfield - single Canadian
Bring Me Down
Derek Miller - single Canadian New
Rezz Rock
Stephanie Harper Experience - single Canadian
Hysterical Annihilation
David Finkle - single Canadian New
Electric Pow Wow
A Tribe Called Red - single Canadian
Sing Our Own Song
Buffy Sainte-Marie - Power In The Blood Canadian
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