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Indigenous CKCU
Sunday January 10th, 2016 with Josh Lewis
Nishin Music - Acoustic

Aanii Boozho Kwey Kwey Wachay and the other ones. You are listening to a new show by Josh Lewis called Nishin Music or "Good Music". This second episode is focused on acoustic singer/songwriters and features artists from all over Turtle Island. I have also included a spotlight on a local troubadour Kevin Schofield. You can listen to Kevin on Youtube. Here is a link to his song "My Brother's in Prison". Miigwetch for listening. Tune into my next episode where I will focus on Indigenous Women in music. Josh
They Say ft. Wab Kinew
Leonard Sumner - Rez Poetry Canadian New
Running like the River
Logan Staats - Goodbye Goldia Canadian New
Simple Man
Logan Staats - Goodbye Goldia Canadian New
Jaaji Okpik - Nunaga Canadian
When You Come Back
Samantha Crain - Under Branch & Thorn & Tree Live Session New
The Carny
William Prince - Single Canadian New
Josh Lewis - Single Canadian New
My Brother's in Prison
Kevin Schofield - Live on Elgin- Youtube Canadian New
Jesus on the Pow Wow Grounds
Kevin Schofield - Live Session Canadian New
Gookum's Lullaby
Kevin Schofield - Live Session Canadian New
Let's Get It On
Marvin Gaye - Let's Get It On
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Dave Aardvark (host)
great show Josh!

9:49 AM, January 10th, 2016
Aboriginal CKCU (host)

10:11 AM, January 10th, 2016