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Indigenous CKCU
Sunday November 22nd, 2015 with Gabrielle Fayant and Brittany Mathews
Halfbreed Hustle 2015

This was the first radio show for Gabrielle Fayant and Brittany Mathews as the new co-hosts of the Michif Hour, covering for Tony Belcourt. This episode included interviews from Halfbreed Hustle 2015. Interviews from Benny Michaud, Ginny Gonneau, Brad Lafortune, Quinton, Kelly Duquette, Max FineDay and Alethea Noah.
I Am
Moe Clark - Within Canadian
LIVE Recording - Nov 14, 2015 - Red River Jig
Anthony Brascoupe, David Finkle, Tony Belcourt - LIVE Canadian
Hit The Town
Cody Coyote ft White Deer and Adium - Single Canadian
I Can See
Sierra Nobel - Single Canadian
Life Goes On
David Morin - Single Canadian
The Slide
Red Bull - Fans Favorite Round Dance Canadian
JJ Lavallee - Single Canadian