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Indigenous CKCU
Sunday May 31st, 2015 with Shirley Gagnon
Cree singer/songwriters

Cree singers/songwriters who incorporate the Cree language in their music
Stick in the Mud
Lawrence Wapistan Martin - Message Canadian
Under A Different Day
Peter Sackaney - Under A Different Day Canadian
Asani - Rattle & Drum Canadian
Bushman Blues
Art Napoleon - Miyoskamin (Early Springtime) Canadian
James Bay
Midnight Shine - Midnight Shine Canadian
The Journey
Deanvai A. Miansteen - untitled Canadian
Bey Chi Weh Tah MoWin (Come and Tell me)
Lawrence Wapistan Martin - Message Canadian
Kisaageetin (I Love You)
Patricia Cano Sings Tomson Highway - Live at the N.A.C. Canadian
Morley Loon - Native North America Vol.1: Aboriginal Folk, Rock and Country 1966-1985 Canadian
Crow Hop
White Tail Cree - Indian Days Canadian
The Ballad of the Tennessee Cree
Kevin Scholfield - The Ballad of the Tennessee Cree Canadian
Creejun stomp
Art Napoleon - Siskabush Tales Canadian
Creeland Blues
The Napoleon Collecitve - The Napoleon Collecitve Canadian
Kashtin - Kashtin Canadian
No No Keshhagesh
Buffy Ste. Marie - Running For the Drum Canadian
Interactive CKCU
Barry Karp
Migwetch Shirley, what a joy to hear such wonderful music, some of them brought tears to my eyes!!!

11:26 AM, May 31st, 2015
Shirley Gagnon
Thanks for the affirmation Barry.

10:56 PM, July 18th, 2015