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Indigenous CKCU
Saturday April 24th, 2010 with Katelin Peltier & Velvet Johnson

Jigfest / Disco Jig - The Jigband Canadian
Trail of Tears
Trail of Tears - Wayne Lavallee Canadian
Turn it Up
My Time - Pat Peltier Canadian
I'm Going Home
With A Little Love - Kimberly Dawn Canadian
Muskrat Blues And Rock & Roll
Muskrat Blues - Billy Joe Green Canadian
Dawn Of A New Day
You Can't Take It Back - Crystal Shawanda Canadian
Hot off the Press - no album
chinese breakdown - Nixon Peltier Canadian
Humanity - Ray Moran Canadian
Morther Earth
Stand Alone - Eagle & Hawk Canadian
Orange Blossom Special - The Jigband Canadian
My last set of guitar strings
Mother's Reel - André Giroux Canadian
Simple Steps
Boy For One More Day / Sur le Champ de Bataille - Andrea Menard Canadian
Chet Atkins
No Album - Rabbit Island Boys Canadian